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Related article: Date : Sun, October 29, 2006 March 43rd 15 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 19 n Brother 2 Brother n By Michael Martell CHAPTER 19 - ERIC- \\ \\ n Noble and I went to Chicago and now had continued the tour Detroit, Michigan. How things had been hectic in both the Tour of and my personal life. Since everything that happened in Chicago Jermaine I, I had made ​​some decisions. One concerned Noble. As much as I liked and was attracted to him, we agreed that there would be deeper and something happening between us. Not that I do not enjoy any physical society, but it was not the case with much of the tour is going to full swing and more appearances and interviews. Noble was learned that to go to work, and we had some other cities, before jumping End of tour and started talking about a great movie and the Verlag melt in your mouth for another book of me. Jermaine was not just for someour conversation. He was still call me and I need to talk yet. I told her n othing to say. I could not forget what happened unless fraud for me, but what he had done with Noble. If the truth be known I was only search of a reason to have sex with Noble and when I heard Jermaine had deceived me, was the excuse he needed to take you there. That Another reason why Noble and saw it was best to cool things of a large piece. Of course, if it happened it seemed that the so-called Jermaine phone were becoming more and more often, and each is times, it was increasingly difficult to resist talking to him. Things took is a surprising twist, fell as noble in my room, grabbed the remote control and television turned to CNN. Before I could ask him what his problem started I of newspaper delivery. The anchor was reported that the rap superstar was shot infamous , and caused Lolita Bbs Pthc the death of an apparent unity. According to the reporter , and his infamousLawyers who were not injured, left the court in Atlanta, Georgia, when a black car and went to open fire. Infamous was beaten ten times and was pronounced dead at the scene. I looked Noble, who shook his head as tears rolled down her cheeks. I knew Noble and Infamous were cousins, were very close. I wanted to console him, but I knew things others do. Noble said, , which led, wanted to return to Atlanta. Had to be there for the cousin of his s, your family and I could not blame him. He said he hated to and stop. I knew him and really let me again to the point and focused. Karen had complained a bit, so I had to get a transition. The surprises were not complete for me. The next surprise came a day After Noble left if someone knocked on my hotel door. Since I was n expects a messenger delivering a package that does not look through the hole in n -look. For my jaw when I read a huge bouquet of red roses was, Yellow and white. The person who is the bouquet was Jermaine. I shook his head, turned and walked away, leaving the door open. I left on the couch, like Jermaine on roses. He sat in front of from me, but still standing, as if waiting for me to say, something. What could I say? Actually, I was tired. I was tired of the n and the phone was too much. I had it. spoke with several minutes Jermaine. " I can sit down? " Jermaine said. I looked at him and cut my eyes, "I do not mind," I replied. Jermaine see also in a chair opposite me. I could not help but notice that Jermaine it looked good. I could not stop looking at the roses that brought. They were beautiful. " Can we talk? " Jermaine asked. " You're here, Jermaine, we do not know what we have to discuss. " " about what happened. About recovering what we lost. " What lost? He looked at me like I was crazy. "What have we lost? No, it that threw removed. What you throw away. Not all of us. " " I have.. I do not care. "Jermaine said. " Then why deceive me? "I demanded to know. Jermaine looked hands. " I'll wait. "Jermaine said in response. " " " I was scared, scared? They were afraid, so I cheated ? That is, why? "I asked how I got my feet. " Yes, I was afraid. It had everything you could want and I was afraid to I can not hold on to it. " ", Jermaine, that sucks. Even if you fear they might have come to me. We could have talked about it. Do not think I was very scared? I scared but I knew it was you, and that was as long as I did then was nothing he could do. Nothing can stop us. My love for you I overcame my fear. I've never cheated. I've been thinking about it, "looked Jermaine to me:" Yes, I thought. But unlike what he had never done. "I told him :"You cheated, you have the first blood. She began to This want and now they Right. You want to make sure never to has happened. Do you want to forgive and forget. " " No, I do not want to forgive and forget. I want to love me. I We are working on this. I know we can do well. We can go back to what pulled. I was wrong, baby, I was dead wrong. Y n for Lolita Bbs Pthc the rest of our lives will not regret how much I hurt. How do I tell You, as I could. " " God Damn You're right, "I whispered," you could tell me, broke my heart and I hate you for it, " she said as tears burned my eyes, " I \\ \\ n I hate you, Jermaine. I Lolita Bbs Pthc hate that to me, to us. I hate you because I still I love you. "I said, what in my heart that s feeling. I loved Jermaine, but what made ​​me, and I love that fills me with hatred for him. Jermaine came upon me with tears in eyes of s. he reached for me, but I turned away. the pain in my eyes hurt , but he deserves it. Fortunately, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw thatDre was the number. We had not talked for a minute. I took the phone to give back Jermaine. Dre would be the next surprise for my time in Detroit. When I hung up the Lolita Bbs Pthc phone I turned around to see Jermaine there and looked at me with concern in her eyes. " Is everything okay? " I shook my head. The news that Dre gave me was too much. E n still could not believe it. How many demons God wanted Jamal n to go. He said Jermaine, what Dre told me. I was so worried and upset, as I was. When, if someone had called Mohammed and asked Sonny, I shook the head of the n is. I told him not to tell the feeling that Mohammed. I do not want the job. Lolita Bbs Pthc However, Shane and Sean were on their way to the hospital to be with Jamal Kei. Dre was also hospitalized as well. I wanted to. It is necessary, is to be there. After I broke the news to Muhammad, not to say what he would do. How would you react. Jamal was his heart and soul. His life and his sense of life. And once again sinjured, while in was away fighting. I did not know how I wanted to tell him this. " Eric" Jermaine said, "Are you okay ? Do you want me to go? " To our surprise So I shook my head. Jermaine confusion Vi pain and pain in his eyes: "How I can know about Muhammad ?" This time , if I may approach me and Jermaine, while continuing his arms around me I cried. Cried Jamal and Kei. Mohammed cried and Sonny. I cried Noble and infamous. And I cried for me and Jermaine. As had and what was lost. Could it be recaptured. It would never be what it was , but it could be anything? If the group can and start again ? I had no idea. But now I had a phone call that I liked to do. - Shane Sean and I arrived at the hospital. After the call Andre on Jamal we quickly on the way to hospital. Matthew offered to time, but Sean said he would call later. Thank God. I could not be around Mattwhat happens between us almost to the n and bathroom next to my mind was Jamal and his son Sonny Kei. Dre is not tell us much except that something happened with Jamal, and to come to the hospital is necessary. When asked if Mohammed and Sonny was told Dre told me that Eric wanted to do that. Eric left begin to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to Jamal. I knew Mohammed and Sonny would be outraged. When we got to the Dre 's hospital was already there. Yet did nothing new to tell us. Sean was a doctor if the detective Linton seemed to find. I reminds him when Sean was raped. I was much more useful idiot as his companion, who turned out to be a corrupt cop. He came to together with an attractive man who introduced himself as Latino detective Carlos Martinez. " What happened, the detective? " Sean asked. "Maybe everyone should sit," suggested the detective Linton. After putting all n , began, " THs book, which I must say, this is the father. But because I know they are close to this family, I am ready to go to share these at his side. " Sean grip my hands felt as Detective Linton explained that is happening. When he finished, we were all stunned silence, , but Sean was crying. What we have heard me brought terrible memories of his own violation Sean. Yamal and Kei had sexual attacked. was the date rape drug slipped and repeated of sexual assault. had no idea who did it. the news was terrible, s too horrible. Sean hugged me and I had, since both prayed, and sobbed during the two youths. the sound of a phone call from court by the time and all Linton Det world seemed when he answered the phone with his s of the cell. he said a few words, nodded and said thank you. " known to have witnessed what happened," finished answer the call and I saw all of us. Linton said. we all sat down to eager to know who he was. " bu do not know whoT n in the path here. He was wounded, obviously, at the party. "Linton and Detective Martinez excused himself and went to talk to a doctor. " Shane, " Sean said with tears in her eyes," we should call Matthew. " I sat down, that" Matthew why? " Sean looked at me strangely. " Matthew is a director of the violation. You can help Jamal and Kei. " I nodded," Yes, I know, but maybe we should wait for Mo Mo and Sonny o make this decision? "I did not want Matt Law now Sean seemed to accept my thoughts could only imagine what n Mohammed and Sonny is going to - Mohammed -... n I heard the words, but I could not believe what I was hearing. when my phone rang phone and saw the name of Eric remembered that when Jamal was beaten by a car. I grabbed the phone. I held my breath and told Eric me that Jamal was in the hospital, along with Kei, my heart sank and went on his knees weak. Sonny was there to catch me. I looked and spoke of his concern s looking at me. the sameThere were messages that I had received it. Sonny is the reaction was more stoic, but I knew he effect. Eric did not have information to me than the name of the hospital and the detective, n was the case. I was with Eric told him that Sonny and I came home immediately. When the call ended I turned to Sonny n , we hugged and hugged. He spoke no word, as we embrace s, and wondered what happened to our children, our family. We n go. XWF damn, damn our contracts, our children need us. Sonny Miller reports that something happened to our children and we had to go. ie, Miller was not happy was an understatement. He gave an ultimatum. that Miller said the entire black ass and kissing. I asked Allah that my son was fine. Again, while I was struggling, my son was wounded. That had to be a sign that I wanted to give me time rings. It was time for me to be a father to my son. I could not believe it, it. II could not believe this at all. Although Miller is not satisfied with our departure, said XWF leaders for us to reach the first return flight home. We had prepared everything and were in the air header home in two hours. This level was the longest flight I ever had. as Sonny and I were together did not talk much. We just pray instead of n the other hand. I could not believe any of this. If you were at home. If your home when we had a house. I could not believe that was in my parents slip obligations. I remember how much, Tina, the mother of Jamal when he through their problems with drugs and men. Now she was in rehab n best ever. She had to get up with Jamal, and that helped a own. Look what he did. Maybe what everyone said was to educate a Real gay men, children. I had my career as a fighter maintain, until Jamal was greater. I would like to raise my child and not n be risking my life and entertain people. I do not need to fight. Necessary light, not all working again. I was smart with money I made in the ring. It was good, and I had invested more than comfortable. I had come close to an important part of a luxury car may be distributor, which was very lucrative. I had many opportunities outside the the ring. It was time to take them. "It's not our fault," said Sonny. He looked out the window, but take my hand, " no matter what we did not have where we were. " I did not know to subscribe to that. That has happened twice spoke volumes to me. N "Sonny... we were at home... if one of us had n maybe... " "We may never change," a damn thing, Sonny turned to me and said , "what is s going to happen, no matter where you are done. " " Maybe, but I can not do this anymore. just I can not. " I confessed. "For a long time I've thought about retiring from wrestling, and maybe it's time. " Sonny shook his head : "You can not be serious. Wrestling is the LIFe. " " No, " corrected," No, my son... our children, our family... you are my life. I do not need to be another wrestling ring for the rest of my time life and wonder if my age will ever need. The business was me very well. Great. I feel very comfortable. I have no wear in my body. The escalation of potential danger and distance time in my family. " " baby, "said Sonny, as he kissed my hand," our children are men of great n and then on his own. " " Exactly. I lost a lot of time with Jamal because the ring - y is the time to stop losing. Soon gone. Soon have a life and family. I want to be there for him. I want you to to be there for our children. "I have beaten Sonny 's hand, looked down as a the ground, " what is happening ", struck Sonny 's head :" I'm willing to give up wrestling. " I smiled," I'm not that Beac to make the decision for me. No. You have to do what he thinks is right. " " You will not bs crazy because I still decided? "Sonny said. " The fact that we're together does not mean that we individuals. I want to be happy. I want our family to get to priority and yes, I 'll miss you. I miss them, that the path to. But the truth be known this was a decision that will be fought with n I this happens. "I saw in his eyes beautiful. By Allah, I can not believe that n to be sensitive to this wonderful town n sexy blessed ". Sonny, I love you. I love our life and our family. " " Damn Mohammed " Sonny said, with tears in his eyes: " I love you You also can not continue the fight without you.. " " Sonny... " " Recorded Live ! you said. We are a family and my family has to be top priority. it's time to take care of our family. "And there, at the level we have n kissed. He was passionate, full of love and it was very exciting. That I do not care what people thought we were together in love and family. Board I have tried to tell the paramedics that was wellay. They were not listening to me, especially after seeing the sign in the neck, where he had tried Dalziel to smother me and the blood on the back of my head. He said that perhaps a concussion and had to go to hospital. I wanted to say, police what had Lolita Bbs Pthc happened. Dalziel had to, but said officers at the scene , someone to talk to me in the hospital. My head began to gallant and before you know it was gone again. When I awoke, his was rushed to the emergency room. The doctor threw a light in my eyes, and asked what had happened. One of the paramedics said that I was at the party, such as if they knew what that was all. She appeared and began to wonder if I smoked, drank, ate or swallowed anything. When I said no n Lolita Bbs Pthc seemed to relax a little. They wanted to take the overnight observation. I was demanding to see the police. I had to tell you what is happening. The doctors tell me I could see the police, once it let men the same room. That was too long and be too late. so n did the only thing I could make new ones. "Police! POLICE! Help me HELP ME! " I cried. Doctors and paramedics tried to keep quiet, but I would not. I wanted it now police. The doctor prescribed a sedative and I screamed louder and louder. The doctor injects sedation I had with the two men in suits, one black and one n is a Latino. That seemed to police. "Help me... I know what happens when the party. I know who did it. I know what happened to Jamal and Kei, " I talk so fast, but I had to. This bitch has my doctor sedated and not predict when it would be crazy like a madman. The two men came to me. " What? " Asked the American. " I know what happened at the party. I was there. " I said. " I'm Detective Martinez and this is my partner Detective Linton. Tell us what happened. " at the end. I told them what he knew. About to enter, Jamal and Kei as a sex toy. I told them about Dalziel, and that suspicion. Although I've always said that she wrote a word. Then I wanted to was about Dalziel and feeling the sedative. I could not believe that s my opinion and only after she spoke, it sounded like a lot of chaos. I know I I remember mumbling something. "Tell Mohammed... sorry... " and then I as a light. - ERIC u0026 JERMAINE - Karen gave us a flight from Detroit, then I explained what had happened. I put them all out and was very helpful and accessible. She said the tour s book was well, and could mix some things and rescheduling some dates. She was a miracle worker. He managed to get a flight for me and Jermaine together. It was good for me with Jermaine I had wrapped around things, and would have lasted if he do it all over me. We do not talk much about the flight. our conversation would have to wait. When we arrived at the port of air called a cab and beat them just for the hospital. When we arrived, Shane, Sean and Andre met with us. We hugged and kissed and I filled in what is passes. Jermaine was still. That's when I recognized Detective Linton us. Everyone turned to him in advance to the news. "We just questioned a witness who was at the party," Linton said Det. "Who was that ? What happened? " I asked myself. " According to testimony, the party came to be viewed in both victims sexually assaulted by a number of participants of the parties. " Everyone was breathless air. Jermaine I was wrapping his arms around me and I felt good. " Whoever did this to her? " Shane asked. " The witness said that someone had called Dalziel done this. " Dalziel ? I knew the name. I looked at Shane, Sean, and Dre. "It Dalziel ? man in a fight with Muhammad has over Brett? " " This is what he said," Linton said Det. " Who?" Sean asked. "board. He is the witness. " " Brett has been?" I am broke, I Lolita Bbs Pthc knew Brett was deep, but not a crazy party in MoHouse of Mohammed. He must have known something with dass "The evil bitch, I bet it was in this case. I bet he wanted to return to Muhammad and Sonny. " " According to him, was not the case. I did not know where the party n to another, until they arrived. said we saw what was going on Jamal tried, if that person stopped Dalziel, he tried to drown it and hit his head against a wall. "Linton told us. " So we're going to arrest him, Dalziel ? " Dre asked. " If we found it. They were sedated and was on board before n to tell us where to find this guy. But what we find. " Linton promised, "Has anyone heard from their parents " \\ \\ n " We are here," Everyone turned to see Mohammed and Sonny n there. It seemed as if it had just arrived. I realized the view of Muhammad 's eyes, that s hearing the name of the man responsible for this. "Mr. Moyenda, Mr. Dexter," Linton said Det approached them. " Detective"Mohammed said, his voice deep and very tired, "We o need to see our children. " ", I understand. We let the doctors know you are here. " Linton Martinez nodded, the doctors did. " The man who did this. I know him. " Says Mohammed. " Yes, sir. I have been informed by the witness. " "board. He's my ex Dalziel and uses it well. Some tips of pornographic videos in the the Internet. " " Yes, sir. we have been informed of this. find this man. "said Linton. Mohammed clouded eyes and his voice sounded like an avalanche. " He s I hope you find it before me. " continued next [Comment from the author: I want to thank everyone for their patience. of is breaking his right wrist, and the complications that followed. then the work and real life things that had not been able to maintain a regular update. many of the I 've written, wanted to know when was the next chapter come. Well, it's here and it will be longer. I hope that I liket. as I always like to hear from you, send me an e- mail aol in wyzman34. com and You will also visit http://groups. yahoo. com/group/brotherslikeus_brother2brother /
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